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I remembered most of last night's dream -- I dreamt about Margaret Mead and Adrienne Rich. They shared a kiss outside a theater in the rain. It was beautiful, but don't ask me in which decade it took place :)

Meanwhile, I considered getting off with one of three men, all of whom were apparently hot for me. At one point (talking to one of them) I made reference to 'my girlfriend' (i.e. you) doing certain sexual things to me and wondering whether it would be the same with a guy.

And then I found myself in a Christian fundamentalist book shop and leafing through a hysterical book called The Anarchist's Guide To Religion, about how anarchism and alternative spirituality is all part of some Satanic conspiracy to subvert Judeo-Christian society. If only.

Today I have done almost none of the things I said I would. But hey, I did other stuff :)
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