Lemming (ludic_luddite) wrote,

Typical day

(Beyond here be raw excerpts from my life!)

Today, I:
- Almost remembered what I dreamt about last night
- Read The Doors Of Perception (I told you I'm a fast reader of non-fiction); wished I had some artistic talent and/or mescalin
- Checked Flag -- no new threads or posts of particular interest
- Checked Infoshop; read a critique of marriage and some responses to it
- Made a mental note to look out for that Curious George Brigade book at the Anarchist Bookfair next month
- Washed up
- Washed the sheets from the airbed and hung them over the banisters to dry
- Flicked through the newspaper; read an article by Thom Yorke in the special "Trade" supplement
- Burnt John from Scotland and Kate from Oregon their CDs (two each), and packaged them in Jiffy bags
- Listened to Cradle Of Filth (Dusk And Her Embrace) and Godflesh (Streetcleaner)
- Fixed a problem with my email by logging in through the Secure SHell interface and deleting a piece of spam that caused my web browser to crash every time it tried to display the subject header (!)
- Read your journal entry and wrote a short reply to it
- Read Jules' journal entry and wrote a short reply to it
- Checked the forum -- Brian's still making progress
- Emailed Catherine links to a couple of essays I mentioned while at her house
- Ate dinner (my mum's cauliflower cheese)
- Came on IRC and talked to you and Andy for a bit
- Watched The Talented Mr Ripley (was excellent)
- Sent you a fairly generic goodnight text message
- Watched a BBC4 documentary about the 1973 military coup in Chile
- Watched that other documentary about trade unionism I mentioned (it was repeated later in the evening, during The Talented Mr Ripley, and I taped it)
- Found a bunch of Carol Gilligan speeches in RealAudio, that annoyingly I can't download with Streambox VCR
- Explained to a member of my group what the "reply to" field in email headers does, and why I've set up our internal mailing list so that replies to messages get sent to the list rather than the individual sender by default
- Changed my Livejournal interests slightly (see if you can tell)
- Tried to apply online for that John Lewis job, but they require experience that I don't have (i.e. any)
- Checked the TV guide and noticed that Insomnia (the Norweigan original) is repeated on Friday -- bonus!

Tomorrow, I hope to:
- Read those other two essays of yours (I would have today, but I forgot)
- Start reading Alan Watts' The Way Of Zen
- Mail John and Kate their CDs
- Check my bank balance and withdraw some money to buy some clothes (you should be able to pay the cheque into your account by now, by the way)
- Buy aforementioned clothes (sweatshop-made trainers and jeans) for as little money as possible
- Email you, phone you, or chat with you on IRC
- Email Ana and explain truthfully what happened the other day
- Watch The Thin Red Line
- Maybe watch one of the movies I have on tape
- Uh...clean out the hamster?
- Do other, spontaneous stuff :)
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